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Our innovative design makes ceiling access simpler, quicker and hassle-free!

Created by our expert leaders in design, our ceiling access panels are designed to make accessing the ceiling in offices, workplaces, hotels and more – simpler, safer and smarter. Our mission is to provide expert innovation to the industry, making the lives of workers easier, every day.


Made with you in mind ...

for saving time and creating less mess.

Made with you in mind...
… for saving time and creating less mess.

Proudly Australian made and owned

Astro Ceiling Access Panels are the first to lead the way in creating easy-to-install ceiling access points for commercial properties, offices, hotels and more.

After being in the air conditioning industry for over 35 years, we distinctly remember the frustration of a particular job in a specialist’s office. Trying not to make a mess over the receptionist’s desk added time to the job. Feeling in the way and knowing that it was inconvenient for the staff made our jobs a lot harder than it should have been.

That’s why Astro Ceiling Access Panels has set out to fix the problem. By creating a product, never seen before in the marketplace, we help make accessing ceilings safer and easier for you or your workers, while creating less mess and disruption for your customers.

A one-stop solution.
Cleaner. Easier. Safer to install.

We innovate for a better way.

Quality Product
Australian Designed and Made
Friendly Customer Service
Innovative Design
This Access Panel is the subject of Australian Innovation Patent No. 202110709.
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Astro Ceiling Access Panels

Australian made and owned, easy access ceiling panels.
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